Bespoke Bourbon Cream


Whiskey and cream naturally go so well together and this delicious spirit combines our hand finished Bourbon and local farm fresh New York State cream for a drink that delights. Similar in concept to an Irish Cream but offering a richer feel with bolder vanilla and caramel flavors to make this a unique spirit that can be used on its own, in a cup of coffee, or in any number of cocktails. As the winner at over a dozen Spirit Competitions, our Bourbon Cream is worth trying for yourself. We recommend trying it in a Root Beer Float!

Black Button Distilling Award Winning Bourbon Cream Bottle with Cocktail


Available Sizes: 750mL & 50mL minis

Proof: 30 (15% ABV)

Composition: Hand Finished Bourbon • Farm Fresh NY Cream

First Released: 2015

Seasonality: Year-Round


Similar in concept to an Irish Cream but offering a richer feel with bolder vanilla and caramel flavors.


1 ½ oz Bourbon Cream
½ oz Citrus Forward Gin
2 oz Cold Brew Coffee
2 dashes each Chocolate & Orange Bitters
Shake with ice & pour
Top with bitters


A note from our founder

Since 1922, my family’s button factory has provided some of the finest men’s suit buttons available. For four generations these buttons have closed high quality suits worn by Presidents, Popes, Kings, and Businessmen the world over. My name is Jason Barrett and it is my family’s commitment to making an excellent product that inspired me to start Black Button Distilling.

As a licensed Farm Distillery, Black Button Distilling is dedicated to preserving New York State’s rich agricultural heritage and reputation for quality manufacturing. We use over 90% New York State grown ingredients, which is reflected in the quality of each and every bottle of small batch spirits. Each of our spirits are handcrafted by our master distillers to be the perfect way to unwind after a good day’s work.

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