Barrel Club

Barrel Club


Don't want to share with other members? Sponsor your own barrel of Bourbon and get all the awesome benefits of being a Coaster Club member plus:

  • Your name on a barrel plus a commemorative picture of you with your barrel!
  • 30 Bottles of Single Barrel Bourbon from your barrel
  • First dibs to buy the rest of the Single Barrel Bourbon at a discounted rate  (1 barrel ≈ 180 bottles at 84 proof)
  • First dibs to buy the empty barrel for a discounted rate - it is amazing all the things that can be made form an empty barrel (like a liquor cabinet, bar table, planter, skateboard and more!) not to mention it can be used to make your own aged whiskey!

Any Bourbon that you did not purchase from your barrel will be blended with other barrels to make our Four Grain Bourbon. You will be the only one who ever gets to enjoy your own Single Barrel Bourbon!

We will send via USPS Priority Mail (2-3 business days) the membership card, the 20 person Tour & Tasting certificate (to be redeemed at the Rochester location) and a ticket for the FREE Black Button shirt (must be redeemed in person at either Black Button location)


  • 20 Person Tour & Tasting to be used one time during your membership year (Rochester location only)
  • $1 off every cocktail for you and 1 guest + Buy One & Get One FREE cocktail for you on your Birthday
  • $5 off every 750ml bottle of our spirits purchased for you and 1 guest in either of our Tasting Rooms
  • FREE Tour for you & 4 friends any time you come in during regular tour hours (Rochester location only)
  • Advance access to tickets for awesome Black Button events (St. Patrick's Day Parade, Cocktail Classes, etc.)
  • Advance access to spirits releases - new and specialty spirits (Lilac Gin anyone?)
  • Room fee waived on any VIP Bar Takeover Event you book during your membership year
  • Members only coaster for you and 1 guest every time you come in
  • Members only appreciation party - come party Black Button style! (planned event once during 2018)
  • Sip & savor members only barrel release parties hosted by none other than owner Jason Barrett (planned events twice during 2018)
  • FREE Black Button shirt of your choice (1 per member)
  • Special Monthly Benefits just for being a member: (redeemable in either Tasting Room during that month only)
    • January - 50% OFF all Black Button Glassware
    • February - 50% OFF a Box of Bourbon or Bourbon Cream filled gourmet chocolates
    • March - 50% OFF awesome Black Button apparel
    • April - FREE Spirits Infused Lip Balm
    • May - FREE Ticket to our very popular annual Moonshine Margarita Fun Run
    • June - 50% OFF Bourbon Barrel Smoker Wood Chips
    • July - 50% OFF Apple Pie Moonshine BBQ Sauce
    • August - 50% OFF Bourbon Bacon Ketchup
    • September - 50% OFF Bold Bloody Mary Mix
    • October - 25% OFF Fee Bros. Bitters
    • November - FREE Spirits Tasting for you & up to 4 friends
    • December - FREE Bourbon Cream 'Better Than Candy' Cane
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