There are more classic cocktails made with gin than with any other spirit and after a time out of the limelight, gin is bouncing back with a vengeance.  Gin is a spirit which derives its predominant flavor from juniper berries . From its earliest origins in the Middle Ages, gin has evolved from use in herbal medicine to an object of commerce in the spirits industry. Gin was developed on the basis of the older jenever, and became popular in Great Britain (particularly in London) when William of Orange, leader of the Dutch Republic, occupied the English, Scottish, and Irish thrones with his wife Mary. Gin is one of the broadest categories of spirits, represented by products of various origins, styles, and flavor profiles that all revolve around juniper as a common ingredient. Classic retro cocktails mixed with premium gins in stylish glasses are back in fashion and a new wave of premium gins are taking over.

Citrus Forward Gin.jpg

citrus forward gin

Jason Barrett has always found Gin to be an acquired taste. That is why he has given this spirit a new twist for gin lovers and an excellent starting point for the more inexperienced gin drinkers. The blend of bitter orange peel, sweet orange peel, and New York State Cascade hops molds well with the delicate notes of juniper berry. The unique blend of botanicals leaves you with a long lingering “citrus forward” taste at the end. It’s the citrus overtone that makes this gin ideal for any hot summer day. Whether it’s in a Tom Collins, Gin & Tonic, or Gimlet, Black Button Gin will have you pondering what else Gin can do. It’s a Gin that both experienced Gin drinkers and newcomers can enjoy.


Barrel reserve citrus forward gin

Seasonal Limited Release

Black Button Barrel Reserve Gin holds a special place in our hearts. The combination of our two true small batch distilling loves. The bright fresh pop of our Citrus Forward Gin, and the smooth subtle woody notes that only a bourbon barrel can supply. Honey colored, juniper on the nose and citrus tones abound bringing this spirit to a whole new level. This little beauty is just begging for you to take her home to try in your favorite gin cocktails or to add a new twist to the whiskey drink of old.

Lilac Gin.jpg

lilac gin

Seasonal Release - May 11, 2018

In honor of the rich floral history the Flower/Flour City has cultivated though time, we here at Black Button Distilling give you our Lilac Gin. Made once a year in a small batch, each flower petal is steeped, distilled and recombined to create a light and delicate flavor. Rose, Hibiscus, Lavender and Lilac as well as Juniper, Coriander and a myriad of other botanical components make this one of a kind spirit highly sought after. Make sure to get yours before we run out.

Garden Gin.jpg

garden gin

Seasonal Limited Release

Black Button Distilling and the New York Wine and Culinary Center are proud to present our annual collaborative Garden Gin. With balanced botanicals and a smooth finish this is the perfect gin for a classic Gin and Tonic or the modern Bee’s Knees.