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Welcome to the Guild

I believe in the farm and the grain, in the deep soil and the clear waters. I put my faith in barrel-splintered hands and let my trust flow along copper courses. I hear the echo of my conviction in the pop of the bottle and the bellring of my glass meeting yours. I sip to a higher standard. I choose good company. I belong to the Guild.

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Guild Tier

Taster Membership


Join the Black Button Guild and start enjoying benefits right away and throughout the 2019 calendar year!

Each Guild Member will receive a 'Welcome Package' that includes*:
• 1 full-sized bottle of our Bespoke Bourbon Cream 750ML
• 1 Exclusive Guild Member T-Shirt (Size of your Choice)
• 2019 Membership Card
*Available for pick-up only in Rochester or Buffalo

Benefits throughout the year include:
DISCOUNTS (must present membership card):
Members get the best pricing every time they visit our tasting rooms in Rochester & Buffalo!
• $5 OFF every 750ML bottle of our spirits purchased in our Bottle Shop
• $1 OFF every cocktail purchased at our Bar
ACCESS (advance reservation required):
Members get first dibs when we release a new creation or fresh batch!
• FREE Admission for you and 1 guest to Distiller Events throughout the year • $100 value per event
• Sample and purchase new releases before the general public
PARTIES (advance reservation required):
Members get complimentary services when entertaining friends, family and coworkers!
• FREE Group Distillery Tours and Spirits Tasting for up to 20 people Rochester Only$240 Value
• FREE Spirits Tastings and Cocktail Classes for up to 20 people Buffalo or Rochester$300 value


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Enthusiast Membership


Sponsor a barrel of Bourbon with other Enthusiast Members and get all the awesome benefits of being a Taster Member PLUS:

  • 4 Bottles of Single Barrel Bourbon at the end of the year

  • Option to buy more bottles of Single Barrel Bourbon from your barrel at a discounted rate


Guild TierAsset 3.png

Tradesman Membership


Don't want to share with other members? Sponsor your own barrel of Bourbon and get all the awesome benefits of being a Taster Member PLUS:

  • 30 Bottles of Single Barrel Bourbon from your barrel once it has aged*

  • Option to buy the rest of the Single Barrel Bourbon at a discounted rate (1 barrel ≈ 180 bottles at 84 proof)

  • Option to buy the empty barrel for a discounted rate - it is amazing all the things that can be made form an empty barrel (like a liquor cabinet, bar table, planter, skateboard and more!) not to mention it can be used to make your own aged whiskey!

Any Bourbon that you did not purchase from your barrel will be blended with other barrels to make our Four Grain Bourbon. You will be the only one who ever gets to enjoy your own Single Barrel Bourbon!

*30 Gallon Barrel Aged ≈ 30 Months


Guild TierAsset 4.png

Aficionado Membership


Sponsor an ENTIRE barrel of Bourbon and get all the awesome benefits of being a Taster Member for 3 Whole Years PLUS:

  • Your name on your barrel

  • You say when it is done aging - taste it after 30 months and go from there!

  • Choose what proof you want it bottled at (our usual is 84 proof)

  • Every last drop from your barrel is yours when we bottle - Great for corporate gifting/client or employee appreciation gifts! (1 barrel ≈ 180 bottles at 84 proof)

  • Add the finishing touch with a personalized label, making the bottles exclusively for you or your event (i.e. your name, company name, event name or a company logo)

  • You keep the empty barrel* too!

*30 Gallon Barrel