Tradesman Membership

Tradesman Membership


Don't want to share your Single Barrel Bourbon with other members? Sponsor your own barrel of Bourbon and get all the awesome benefits of being a Taster Member plus:

  • Your name on a barrel and a commemorative picture of you with your barrel!

  • 30 Bottles of Single Barrel Bourbon from your barrel

  • First dibs to buy the rest of the Single Barrel Bourbon at a discounted rate (1 barrel ≈ 180 bottles at 84 proof)

  • First dibs to buy the empty barrel for a discounted rate - it is amazing all the things that can be made form an empty barrel (like a liquor cabinet, bar table, planter, skateboard and more!) not to mention it can be used to make your own aged whiskey!

Any Bourbon that you did not purchase from your barrel will be blended with other barrels to make our Four Grain Straight Bourbon. You will be the only one who ever gets to enjoy your own Single Barrel Bourbon!

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