Moonshine Cocktails

All Panang

all panang

1.5 oz. Moonshine
1 oz. Mango Curry Puree*
.75 oz. Simple Syrup
.5 oz. Lime Juice
1.5 oz. Coconut Milk
Shake & strain into a glass. Garnish with Thai Basil
*Puree 1 cup fresh mango with 1tbsp curry powder

Bat Out Of Hell

bat out of hell

1 oz. Moonshine
1 oz. Amaro di Angostura or Chocolate Liqueur
4 oz. Rohrbach Vanilla Porter
Combine ingredients in tall glass, no garnish

Apple Pie Sour

apple pie sour

2 oz. Apple Pie Moonshine
.75 oz. Lemon Juice
.75 oz. Simple Syrup
Egg White
Dry shake, wet shake & double strain into rocks glass with ice

Green Dragon

green dragon

1 oz. Jalapeño infused Moonshine*
.5 oz. Mezcal
.75 oz. Triple Sec
.75 oz. Lime Juice
Muddle cucumber, add other ingredients, shake & strain over ice into a rocks glass with Chili salt rim**
*rough cut 2 jalapeños & add to bottle. Let sit for 3 hours, strain out jalapeño and pour!
**Combine 1 tsp dried green chilis with 1/4 cup kosher salt. Pulverize or run in food processor untilthoroughly combined

Hot Apple Cider

hot apple cider

1.5 oz. Apple Pie Moonshine
1.5 oz. Apple Juice or Apple Cider
2 Cinnamon Sticks
Orange slices
Apple slices
Cook over slow heat until warm & serve in a mug

Southern Hooch

southern hooch

3 oz. Apple Pie Moonshine
3 oz. Sweet Tea
Pour over ice in a rocks glass & garnish with lemon

Moonshine Margarita

Moonshine margarita

2 oz. Moonshine
.75 oz. Cointreau
.75 oz. Lime Juice
Shake & pour into a glass with ice. Garnish with lime wedge

Tall Passionfruit

tall passionfruit

1.5 oz. Moonshine
.5 oz. Cointreau
.5 oz. Passionfruit puree
1.5 oz. Coconut water
.5 oz. Lime Juice
Shake and strain into Collins glass