Distilleries release limited edition Collaboration Whiskey


By: Kerry Feltner KERRY FELTNER March 2, 2016

Black Button Distilling and the O’Begley Distillery have released a limited edition Collaboration Whiskey—a blend of both firms’ whiskeys in wooden casks—officials say.

“Black Button and O’Begley have grown up alongside each other in Rochester,” said Jason Barrett, owner and head distiller of Black Button Distilling, in a statement. “What I love most about craft distilling is that we come together as a community to help each other. To put our collective skills together for this unique blend of whiskey has been a great learning experience and an opportunity to bring a unique bottling to the Rochester community.”

The Collaboration Whiskey is currently available at both businesses.  A special release party is slated for 1 to 5 p.m. Saturday at Black Button Distilling, 85 Railroad St., Rochester.

“Prior to prohibition, Western New York had a long history of distilling, which has largely disappeared for the past 80 years. By working together, we are slowly restoring those traditions of local agriculture and quality craftsmanship that are the foundation of our community,” said Adam Begley of O’Begley Distillery in a statement.

The whiskey has notes of oak, malt, honey and brown sugar, officials said. The companies made 642 bottles of Collaboration Whiskey in total.