Good Luck, Black Button partner on new whiskey


By: Kerry Feltner September 9, 2016

Black Button Distilling has partnered with restaurant Good Luck to launch Black Luck, a peated all malt whiskey, the first Scottish style all malt peated whiskey made in Rochester, officials announced Thursday.

“Black Luck is yet another example of the innovation and collaboration in the craft cocktail industry, right here in Rochester,” said Jason Barrett, head distiller and president of Black Button Distilling. “This style has been made in Scotland for hundreds of years but no one had ever made it in Rochester before. Experimentation is truly what craft is all about.”

The new product is slated to be available Sep. 16 during Good Luck’s happy hour starting at 4:30 p.m. The whiskey is available in Good Luck’s Black Cat Tea cocktail. Good Luck is located at 50 Anderson Ave.

“Over two years ago, as Jason and I mused how great it would be to get some Black Button Distilling whiskey into a Good Luck cocktail and without thinking, I blurted out the name ‘Black Luck’—just a name, really, with no product or recipe to match,” said Chuck Cerankosky, co-owner of Good Luck. “A project was born, with Jason embarking on the hard part and me patiently waiting for the whiskey to age.”

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