Please answer all the questions that apply to your visit with as much fact and detail as possible.
At the end of each section, please add any additional comments and opinions that you walked away with from your visit at that stage.

Name *
Phone # *
Phone #
Date of your Visit *
Date of your Visit
Location you Visited *
Was the entry clean and attractive upon your arrival?
Were you greeted promptly as you came in?
Were you asked if you have been to our location before?
Did your greeter mention any of the following in their description of our facility?
If you visited Rochester, did they tell you when the next tour was happening?
Distillery Tours
The tour was informative and engaging.
You would recommend the tour to others.
Bar Greeting
Did the consumer educator/bartender introduce themselves by name?
Did they ask to see ID?
Should they have because you look or are 30 or younger?
Did you start a bar tab?
If yes, did they ask for a credit card to start your tab?
Spirits Tasting
Your bartender was knowledgeable and informative regarding the spirits you were tasting.
All visits come with a free tasting of our Bespoke Bourbon Cream. Was Bourbon Cream included in your tasting?
Were you given a taste of our Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup, Bold Blood Mary Mix and Apple Pie Moonshine BBQ Sauce with your spirits tasting?
At the end of your tasting/visit, were you asked "What did you like? What would you like to take home?" (or something similar to convince a purchase to-go)?
Your drinks were prepared and delivered in a timely fashion.
You enjoyed the taste of your drinks.
Were you offered food selections to enjoy in the bar like pizza, cheesecake, etc.?
Your purchase, payment, and departure was processed efficiently and without issue.
The other customers in the room received good service.
The staff overall, had a positive attitude.
If you purchased items to-go from our shop, was a specific staff member influential on your purchases?
Was a specific staff member influential on your overall perception of our business?
Overall, you enjoyed your visit to Black Button and would recommend our Tasting Room to others.
Overall, you enjoyed your visit to Black Button and would recommend our Tasting Room to others.