Rye Whiskey Ticket - Pre-Order before it's on the shelves!

Rye Whiskey Ticket - Pre-Order before it's on the shelves!


Available online for a limited amount of time so act fast!

Black Button Rye is spicy, fruity and even a little nutty! Our version of this staple of American drinking culture is rich and bold. Enjoy it neat, on the rocks or in a great cocktail.

For the first time ever, you can purchase a ticket for our all New Rye Whiskey that will guarantee you a bottle. We will hold your bottle at our Rochester or Buffalo Tasting Room (your choice) with no worry that it will be sold out before you get there!

We will mail you your ticket once your order is placed. Tickets must be redeemed in person between November 24th and December 31st. Bring your ticket and a valid ID when you come in. Should your bottle still be here as of the New Year, we will make every attempt to contact you via email and phone. However, if you have not picked up your order by January 10th, it will be made available for purchase to others and your $75 will become a gift card you can use on other Black Button Distilling products in 2018!

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